Phosphate Remover by Microbe-Lift®

Phosphate Remover by Microbe-Lift®
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The Ultimate Phosphate Remover For Fresh Water

MICROBE-LIFT/Pond Phosphate Remover is a polymeric blend with outstanding qualities, including the ability to tie-up large quantities of phosphate without negatively influencing the pond water in any way. Phosphate-caused by the decomposition of organic substances such as food surpluses, dead plant matter and excretion-is only harmless in concentrations below 0.3 ppm in fresh water.

  • Will not harm fish or plants
  • Safely removes phosphate from pond water


16 oz. treats up to 1,600 gals.
1 Gallon treats up to 12,800 gals.


  • Use 1 oz. (5 capfuls) of MICROBE-LIFT/Pond Phosphate Remover per 100 gallons.
  • Depending on water quality, organics and fish waste content, 1 oz. can remove between 1.0 - 1.5 ppm phosphate.
  • If phosphate level is still high, repeat dose.
  • In case of a very high phosphate level, several treatments may be required to eradicate the excess phosphate problem.
  • Always add MICROBE-LIFT/Pond Phosphate Remover to or near the recirculating pump.


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