Large Pond Tabs Fertilizer Food for Watery Lillies & Lotus by AgSafe® - Bulk Box of 500 Tabs

Large Pond Tabs Fertilizer Food for Watery Lillies & Lotus by AgSafe® - Bulk Box of 500 Tabs
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Feed your water lily and lotus plants for 5 to 6 months  with a single 21 gram tab. This 10-26-10 formula provides quick and consistent feeding for Lotus, Iris, Lillies and all large flowering pond plants.

Suggested Application:
For best results, apply AgSafe Aquatic - Tabs® in early Spring and during growing season. Easy-to-use, insert tablet (s) into aquatic soil about 2-3” away from plant crown and about 3-4” deep .

Use 1 tab for 1 gallon pot, 2-3 tabs for 3 gallon pot, 4-5 tabs for 5-7 gallon pot. Each additional gallon add 1 tablet.

Repeat feeding every 4 - 5 months or when necessary. In most of Canada a single feeding every season will suffice but warm pond water climates (75º+) may require more frequent feeding . As with any fertilizer, it is best to test the product to establish the appropriate number of Aquatic - Tabs® .

Sold by the box of 500 Tabs
Each Tab is 21 Grams
Each Box weighs 10.5 kgs


Ideal for Growers & Landscapers or Pond Owners with high aquaticplant populations
  • Convenient Tablet Saves Planting Labor Time and Costs
  • Ideal for Feeding Lotus and Other Heavy Eater Pond Plants
  • High Quality Hard Tablets Won't Crumble in Wet Hands


10-26-10 Formula with Micronutrients Guaranteed Analysis By Weight

5.4 0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
0. 6 0% Nitrate Nitrogen
0 .40 % Urea Nitrogen *
0.8 0 % Other Water Soluble Nitrogen
2.8 0% Water Insoluble Nitrogen


Calcium (Ca) 3.00%
Magnesium (Mg), Total 1. 5 0%
1. 1 0% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Sulfur (S), Combined 2 .00%
Boron (B) 0.02%
Iron (Fe), Total 1.00%
0. 20 % Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.0005%
Manganese (Mn), Soluble 0. 07 %
Zinc (Zn), Soluble 0. 0 5%


94.8% Fertilizer
5.0 % Humus (2.0% Humic Acids)derived from Humic Shale.
0.1% Sea Kelp Extracts derived from A. Nodosum.
0.1% Yucca Extracts derived from Y. Schidigera

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