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Koi Air™ Complete Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax®
Small aeration systems for backyard ponds, fish ponds, goldfish ponds and koi ponds in Canad..
Oase® Pumps for Waterfalls & Ponds
The OASE® Waterfall Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective for use as waterfall and ca..
ProAir™ Shallow Water Pond Aeration System by Airmax®
Aeration Kit for 1/4 Acre Ponds with a maximum depth of 6 feet. Providing bottom-diffused ae..
$2,550.50 $2,217.72
Pond Liner EPDM 45mil - CUSTOM CUTS - Free Shipping in Canada
Custom Cuts of Pond Liner Price Includes Free Shipping in Canada and All Canadian Taxes Includ..
PRO Pond Kits from AquaScape®
Aquascape PRO® pond kits come with everything you need to build your pond.The Aquascape PRO ecosy..
Pond Air™Aeration Kits from Aquascape®
Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at ni..
Pondless® Pond Free Waterfall Kits from AquaScape®
Aquascape Pondless® disappearing waterfalls are one of the more popular water feature options as ..
Poly Hose Couplers - HB x HB Insert Fittings
These poly couplings are designed to make connections between two same sized diameter flexible pv..
Two Frogs with Cattail Spitter by Aquascape®
This decorative spitter is 18 inches high and has two lovely frogs clutching on to a cattail. The..
Variety Mix™ Full Spectrum Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift®
The Variety Mix™ fish food is a high quality food and a great way to feed a blend of fruits, gree..
Barbed Hose Connectors & Tubing Couplers
These couplings are designed to make connections between two same sized diameter hoses or tubing ..
Barley Straw Liquid Extract from Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Barley Extract is the natural solution to maintaining a clean and healthy pond a..
Bloom & Grow™ Aquatic Plant Supplement from Microbe-Lift®
Specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types to promote larger, brighter and faster bloom..
Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment™ from Microbe-Lift® - 16oz
Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment™ from Microbe-Lift® is the safest and most effective treatment f..
Colorfalls™ Pond Kit - Complete Lighted Pondfree Waterfall Kits from Atlantic™
Atlantic’s Colorfalls kits are all-inclusive packages that are a perfect fit for formal retaining..
EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain by Airmax®
The EcoSeries™ Floating Fountain brings you the sound of water with beautiful industry leading sp..
Fast Falls™ - Classic™ Series from Atlantic®
Fast Falls from Atlantic®. Four sizes to easily create waterfalls for your pond or stream. ..
Fountain Basins for Water Features and Garden Fountains by Atlantic®
Atlantic Pro Series fountain basins are used for decorative fountains and backyard water features..
LunAqua™ Classic LED Pond Lighting Kit by OASE® - 3 Light Kit
This LED-based pond light set comes complete and ready to install with 3 LED lights..
PL™ Beneficial Pond Bacteria Microbe-Lift
Microbe-lift PL™ provides sustained biological activity in water temperatures even under 55 degre..
Pond Balance®  Algae Control & Treatment
Now in Canada. Algae control for filamentous algae in ponds in Canada. String Algae is a problem ..
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Pond Muck Pellets & Sludge Pellets - FREE SHIPPING
Pond Muck Pellets are now available in Canada. Safely reduce muck and sludge from ponds and lakes..
Pond Spitters & Decorative Fountains by Aquascape®
Pond spitters add a decorative touch to a pond or water garden. Formal stauesque spitters or more..
PondoVac™ 5 Pond Vacuum System - Free Shipping
Oase was the pioneer of the original PondoVac Classic and dedicated themselves to improving their..
Self Weighted Diffuser Tubes by Airmax®
Weighted diffuser sticks are perfect for aerating and mixing in ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere..
SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Compact Spotlight
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
Tidal Wave 2™ Hybrid Series Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ asynchronous pumps are the perfect choice for high flow, medium head applications wher..
Tidal Wave 3 ™ TT-Series Pond Pumps
Atlantic’s all new TidalWave3 Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous..
Tidal Wave™ MD™ Mag Pond Pumps from Atlantic®
Tidal Wave™ MD™ series are Magnetic Induction Pumps that are the perfect choice for the small wat..
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TidalWave™ Fountain Pumps for Statuary and Small Water Features from Atlantic®
The adjustable flow rate of these pumps makes the FP series of Tidal Wave pumps a real winner. Ea..
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris fr..
4-Light SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Light Kit from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
AquaMax™ Eco Premium Pond Pumps by Oase®
AquaMax Eco Premium are the most versatile and energy-efficient pond pumps available. OASE took w..
Barley Straw Liquid Extract from Microbe Lift®
Liquid barley straw extract from Microbe Lift®. A natural algaecide for your pond! An environment..
Big Bahama™ Pro Pond Kits from Atlantic®
The Big Bahama™ series from Atlantic Water Gardens is a complete large pond kit that includes, sk..
Biological Clarifier™ Pond Bacteria  by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® Biological Clarifier™ naturally clears water, removes odors and breaks down suspend..
BioTec™ Screenmatic 18000 & BioSmart™10000 gravity filters by Oase®
Biological and mechanical pond filtration in an complete package. Add pond filtration easily to y..
Bitron™  Pond UV Clarifier by Oase®
UV clarifiers are easy to install and keep ponds clear and clean. The Bitron series is available ..
Brass Wall Spouts from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s newest entry to the Formal Spillways category, our solid brass Spouts add old world ch..
Color Changing  Colorfalls™ Waterfall Weirs & Kits
Create brilliant effects with Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls which have 16 color modes. The..
Dome Style Pond & Garden Ultra™ Nets by Atlantic®
The Atlantic pond net pond and garden protector is a protective tent for your pond. The netting p..
Fall & Winter Preperation Cold Water Bacteria by Microbe Lift®
Specially formulated for Pond Winterization in Canada.  Will get your pond water ready for a..
Falls Foam® - Waterfall Foam with Straw Applicator from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Gardens Falls Foam. Each 12 oz, one time use can, comes complete with application ..
Hardy Water Lilies - Nymphaea - Bare Root
Bareroot Hardy Water Lilies available April 1 – June 30th These bare root hardy water lilies..
Hose Elbows - Barbed 90 Degree Elbow Coupler Inserts
These  Hose Elbows are designed to make 90 degree turn connections between two same sized di..
Knockout™ Ick Control by Crystal Clear®
Knockout™ Ick Control by Crystal Clear®is a broad spectrum treatment for Ick (Ichthyophthirius), ..
Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Pond Spitter by Aquascape®
Pond spitters add a decorative touch to a pond or water garden. Formal stauesque spitters or more..
MicroPond® Kits from AquaScape®
Aquascape pond kits take the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equip..
Oasis™ Complete Small Pond Kit by Atlantic®
The Oasis series is from the pond experts at AWG. They have created a complete kit that includes ..
Oasis™ Fast Falls™ by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor..
Oasis™ Pond Free Kit by Atlantic®
Oasis™ pond free waterfall kit is a complete, all-inclusive kit. This pond-free system allows you..
Pond Jet™ Floating Fountain by Oase®
ThePond Jet™ floating fountain uses only 260 watts and creates a dramatic 10 foot high decorative..
Pond Kits from Atlantic®
Big Bahama™ is a complete small pond kit that includes, skimmer, filter falls, EPDM 45 mil pond l..
Pond Lighting Kit by Atlantic - 3 Light Kit
Extend the beauty of your water feature deep into the night; Atlantic’s LED lighting systems make..
Pond Logic™ Liquid Pond Dye - Black Dyemond™, Nature's Blue™  & Twilight Blue™
Pond Logic® Pond Dye shades and protects your pond while enhancing natural color and beauty. Its ..
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Pond Skimmers by Atlantic® - Pro Series
Pro Series Skimmers set the standard for pond prefiltration, with heavyduty construction and stai..
Pond Zinger™ from Applied Polymer Systems®
TURN YOUR DIRTY POND CLEAN! Winner of Pond Trade Magazine's 2011 Product of the Year Award! Place..
Pond-Lyfe™ Pond Aeration Systems by Vertex®
New PondLyfe aerators from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality aeration sy..
PondoVac™ Pond Vacuum by Oase® - Free Shipping in Canada
A pond vacuum can make cleaning muck and sludge from pond walls and rocks an easy job. Two models..
Pro Series™ Pondless Waterfall Kit from Atlantic®
Pro Series™ pondless waterfall kit from Atlantic® is a complete package with everything incl..

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