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Colorfalls™ Pond Kit - Complete Lighted Pondfree Waterfall Kits from Atlantic™
Atlantic’s Colorfalls kits are all-inclusive packages that are a perfect fit for formal retaining..
Fast Falls™ - Classic™ Series from Atlantic®
Fast Falls from Atlantic®. Four sizes to easily create waterfalls for your pond or stream. ..
Fountain Basins for Water Features and Garden Fountains by Atlantic®
Atlantic Pro Series fountain basins are used for decorative fountains and backyard water features..
SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Compact Spotlight
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
Ultra™ Pond Netting from Atlantic®
Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris fr..
4-Light SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Light Kit from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s all new SOL™ Lighting features solid brass bodies with an oil rubbed bronze finish tha..
Big Bahama™ Pro Pond Kits from Atlantic®
The Big Bahama™ series from Atlantic Water Gardens is a complete large pond kit that includes, sk..
Brass Wall Spouts from Atlantic®
Atlantic’s newest entry to the Formal Spillways category, our solid brass Spouts add old world ch..
Color Changing  Colorfalls™ Waterfall Weirs & Kits
Create brilliant effects with Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls which have 16 color modes. The..
Dome Style Pond & Garden Ultra™ Nets by Atlantic®
The Atlantic pond net pond and garden protector is a protective tent for your pond. The netting p..
Falls Foam® - Waterfall Foam with Straw Applicator from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Gardens Falls Foam. Each 12 oz, one time use can, comes complete with application ..
Oasis™ Fast Falls™ by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Oasis™ Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor..
Oasis™ Pond Free Kit by Atlantic®
Oasis™ pond free waterfall kit is a complete, all-inclusive kit. This pond-free system allows you..
Pond Lighting Kit by Atlantic - 3 Light Kit
Extend the beauty of your water feature deep into the night; Atlantic’s LED lighting systems make..
Stainless Steel Scuppers
Atlantic's Stainless Steel Scuppers bring a gleaming new dimension to our spillway line. Construc..
Tidal Wave™ High Volume A-Series Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ A-Series are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and..
Classic Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Weirs
Atlantic’s original Colorfalls brought the Formal Spillway to the Backyard Oasis, and they’re sti..
Falls Foam® -  29oz Cans for  Foam Guns
Large 29oz can is ideal for pond installation professionals or anyone who needs a lot of foam for..
Fountain Plumbing Kits by Atlantic®
The Pro Series of plumbing kits from Atlantic Water Gardens include all plumbing fixtures require..
Pond Hose - Non-Kink Flexible Tubing - FULL ROLLS
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Warm White LED Fountain Light for Garden Fountains and Statuary from Atlantic®
Ideal for statuary accent lighting as part of your landscaping to accent fountains. The newest ad..
Classic Colorfalls™ Lighted Waterfall Weirs & Kits
Atlantic’s Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pondfree applications. Col..
Color Changing LED Spotlights from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s Color Changi..
Copper Scuppers
Atlantic's NEW Copper Finish Scuppers bring a glorious new dimension to the formal spillway line...
Oasis™ Pond Skimmer by Atlantic
Oasis™ Skimmer with 6" Wier and stainless steel trap net & matala filter allow for maximum fi..
Waterfall Spillway with Filtration by OASE®
The OASE Waterfall Spillway with Filtration, which contains filtration with bio-media, to help pr..
Color Changing Colorfalls™ Weirs by Atlantic Water Gardens®
Create brilliant effects with Atlantic’s Color Changing Colorfalls which have 16 color modes. The..
Flexible Basins for Ponds & Decorative Block Wall Reservoirs
These Flexible Hardscape Basins are the perfect choice for custom block reservoirs up to 8 feet w..
SOL™ Warm White LED Submersible Brass Light Ring
Perfect lighting for fountains! Bright, warm white light from Atlantic’s all new SOL™ LED pond&nb..
Basins for Weirs, Colorfalls™ & Spillways by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s spillway basins feature a pre-fi ltered pump chamber, one piece construction and built..
Color Changing 3-Light LED Lighting Kit from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s Color Changi..
Color Changing LED Light Strips with Controller & Transformer by Atlantic® - Weir Not Included
These are the authentic Color Changing LED light strips that fit in the ColorFalls™ weirs from At..
Professional Foam Dispensing Guns by Atlantic®
These are high quality foam dispensing guns from Atlantic® with adjustable valves to give you com..
Colorfalls™ Master Controller
Whether you want to create a single, seamless waterfall up to 15 feet wide, or to synchronize up ..
EcoBlox™ Water Matrix Cubes
Atlantic’s redesigned Eco-Blox water matrix, similar to Eco-Cubes and Aqua-Blocks, provides simil..
Filter Falls from Atlantic®
Pro Series FilterFalls™ deliver the performance you demand and the peace of mind you deserve. In ..
Rock Lids by Atlantic®
Check out Atlantic’s rock lids and say goodbye to the traditional ‘fake rock’. These fiberglass r..
Transformer for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights by Atlantic
This low-volyage transformer is for LED lighting. Includes four-way splitter to allow connection ..
Extension Cord for SOL™ and AWG™ LED Lights from Atlantic®
20' extension cord to connect AWG and SOL lighting systems to the SOL20X4 transformer. Extend the..
Acrylic Sheer Waterfall Weirs from Atlantic
These are Atlantic’s original Acrylic Weirs that are used in their Colorfalls but these weirs hav..
Flexible Pond Hose - Non-Kink Tubing - BY THE FOOT
This Non-Kink Flexible PVC tubing is perfect for use with water gardening ponds, waterfalls, foun..
Triton® Universal Pump Check Valve
Atlantic’s Triton™ Check Valve is the only check valve designed exclusively for the water garden ..
Color Changing LED Hardscape Wall Lighting from Atlantic®
The new Color Changing Wall Lights complement the other Color Changing lights in the line, adding..
Color Changing LED Light Ring from Atlantic®
For those looking to bring more than just a warming glow to your evening, Atlantic’s all new Colo..
LED Light Strip for Weirs & Spillways from Atlantic®
The original Atlantic Water Gardens® LED light strips from their Colorfalls™. Great for replacing..
Bio-Balls from Atlantic®
Bio-Balls from Atlantic® are extremely durable, lightweight Bio-Balls that are easy to clean..
Triton™ 3-Way Diverter with Flow Control by Atlantic®
Triton 3-Way Diverter can split a single pump outlet into 3 separate lines and is the only manifo..
Typhoon™ Small Aeration Kits by Atlantic®
Complete small aeration kits include pump, hose and diffusers. Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps featu..
Color Changing Control Module with Transformer SOLCCMX7 for combing up to 7 Color Changing LED's
Combine up to 7 Atlantic Color Changing LED lights with a single transformer. This 88 watt transf..
Replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers from Atlantic®
Atlantic Water Garden's replacement Weir Doors for Skimmers come in three sizes. Replace a broken..
Typhoon™ Air Pumps by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps feature indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors specif..
Wall Spout Lights from Atlantic®
The new white and color-changing LED wall spout lights make adding dramatic lighting a breeze to ..
Eco-Rise™ Water Feature Riser & Support
The Eco-Rise is a totally new concept in water feature construction. The extremely strong radial ..
Basin Kits for Colorfalls™ Weirs and Formal Pondfree Waterfall Features
Atlantic Basin Kits are designed to fit all our formal spillways perfectly. Whether you’re adding..
Extension Cords, Transformers & Splitters for Color Changing Lights by Atlantic®
Part # Description SOLCCMX3 Model: SOLCCMX3 ..
Solvent Cleaner for Removing Waterfall Foam from Foam Dispensing Guns from Atlantic®
Waterfall Foam is messy stuff and keeping your foam gun clean is critical. This strong solvent is..
Copper Splash RIng
Want an elegant new way to control splash and provide a dramitic flair? The Copper Finish Splash ..
Replacement Color Changing LED Bulbs for Atlantic® Color Changing Lights
These replacement LED bulbs are only for the Color Changing LED light systems by Atlantic. 2..
Triton™ Ionizer 2 Pond Clarifier
Atlantic is pleased to introduce the new Triton™ Ionizer 2 to control string algae and green wate..
Replacement Access Panels for the Pro Series™  Basins by Atlantic®
Replacement access panels are available for the Atlantic Water Garden basin models FB2400, FB3200..

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