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Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs
Stainless Steel Waterfall Weirs with 2" Spillway Lip or 6" Spillway Lip. Stainless Steel Water We..
Waterfall Diffuser Weir Spillways - Eco-Series by EasyPro®
The universal waterfall diffuser is a fast and easy way to create professional looking waterfalls..
Premium Fine Mesh (3/8" or 3/4") Pond Covers CUSTOM CUTS - Pond Nets from EasyPro®
This premium fine mesh pond netting comes in two mesh sizes: 3/8" or 3/4". The small 3/8" mesh ar..
Stainless Steel Wall Spouts
Stainless Steel Wall Spouts, also called scuppers, can be used to create decorative water feature..
Copper Spillway Attachments for Eco-Series Waterfall Diffusers by EasyPro®
These copper spillways are designed to fit directly over the Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser models..
Alumina Fine Bubble Airstone Diffusers
EasyPro Alumina Air Stones provide excellent aeration for Koi ponds and water gardens as well as ..
Brass Wall Spouts
Brass Wall Spouts, also called scuppers, can be used to create decorative water features, the bra..
Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers
EPDM fine bubble diffusers are an excellent choice for aeration in ponds and tanks. These EPDM di..
Bio-Balls from Easy Pro®
Bio-Balls from Easy Pro® are extremely well priced, durable,and the perfect 1.5"  light..
High Volume Waterfall and Stream Pump 17500 GPH by EasyPro®
The first choice for water features that need high water flow for “Low to Medium Head” applicatio..
LED Pond Lighting Kit from ProEco®
Available in single 4 Watt LED light with transformer and colored lenses or a three light kit wit..
Fountain Accent Light Sets from EasyPro®
Add a new dimension to your basalt column or drilled stone fountain with the EasyPro Fountain Acc..
Large Pond & Lakes Aeration Systems from EasyPro®
Easy Pro™ pond and lake aeration systems provide highly efficient aeration for ponds and lakes fr..
Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
EasyPro is pleased to offer their own line Stratus™ line of rocking piston air compressors, each ..
Pump Protector
Ideal for submersible pumps, this pump protector allows you to place the pump inside the thick fo..
Box Style Auto-Fill Valve for Ponds and Tanks
A box style pond float valve system allows automatic pond or tank filling when levels drop due to..
Matala Filter Material
This media is the finest biological & mechanical media available. Although it costs a little ..
Piston Repair and Rebuild Kits for Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors
Repairing or refurbishing your Stratus™ air compressor allows you to extend the life of your pump..
Heavy Duty Pump Screens
These are not cheap pump bags but heavy duty, rugged and resistant. Submersible pump screens keep..
Pump Intake Screens and Prefilter Intakes
Heavy duty polypropylene suction strainers to pre-filter pump intakes. Screen intakes protect deb..
Valved Air Outlet Manifold Assemblies
Aluminum and brass outlet assemblies with control valves to adjust aiirflow. Available in 1 outle..
Bio-Blox™ Filter Media by Easy Pro®
Great low-cost choice for large volume applications. EasyPro® grinds this media in-house, allowin..

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