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Aeration of ponds using air pumps and diffusers in the pond is a great way to ensure good circulation and effective oxygenation of the pond. Proper oxygen levels maintain fish health and reduce the build-up of unwanted nutrients in the pond.

Algae and muck can be reduced using aeration systems. The simplest aeration system uses an air pump on shore feeding diffusers at the pond bottom.  Different sizes of air pumps and diffuser airstones and discs are available.

Aeration is an important factor to achieving success of your pond. Whether oxygen is added through a waterfall, fountain or bubbler system the maintenance of oxygen levels in a pond can be more crucial than filtration because fish will perish faster in water without oxygen than they will in water with high ammonia or nitrite levels due to poor filtration.

Proper aeration for your pond ensures neither of these problems ever occur.

Success of pond filters is based on adequate oxygen levels in the water so that the aerobic bacteria that require oxygen to complete the nitrogen cycle effectively are in oxygen-rich waters. In some fish ponds, just having a waterfall may not be enough to keep the oxygen saturation at appropriate levels at all times, and in this case a small bottom diffuser system can ensure high quality pond cleansing and fish health.

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Koi Air™ Complete Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax®
Small aeration systems for backyard ponds, fish ponds, goldfish ponds and koi ponds in Canada. Three sizes available: mini, small and large. These all-inclusive aeration systems include diffusers,quiet linear air pumps with replaceable diaphragms, weighted diffusers, self-sinking tubing..
Starting at: $394.15
ProAir™ Shallow Water Pond Aeration System by Airmax®
Aeration Kit for 1/4 Acre Ponds with a maximum depth of 6 feet. Providing bottom-diffused aeration in shallow ponds and lakes can provide a unique challenge to pond owners. Less water depth means smaller plate coverage which usually translates to bigger, more expensive, multi-plate systems. ..
Price: $2,550.50 $2,217.72
Pond Air™Aeration Kits from Aquascape®
Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at night when plants are not converting CO2 into oxygen. Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures. Pond aerators oxygenate your pond, helping all biological proces..
Starting at: $105.85
Self Weighted Diffuser Tubes by Airmax®
Weighted diffuser sticks are perfect for aerating and mixing in ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere that a need for dependable micro-bubbles are required. If you are building your own DIY aeration system these diffuser tubes are ideal. They come in three confirgurations: a single diffuser tube, a s..
Starting at: $53.97
Pond-Lyfe™ Pond Aeration Systems by Vertex®
New PondLyfe aerators from Vertex address the growing need for a professional quality aeration system at an affordable price for water gardens and smaller ponds up to 1.5 acres in size. PondLyfe aerators benefit small pond owners who want the best available technology to restore their ponds to a ..
Starting at: $2,287.35
Typhoon™ Aeration Diffuser With Tubing by Atlantic®
The Typhoon weighted diffuser uses a flexible micro-bubble diffuser tube raised and attached to a weighted base. Also included is a 20' length of weighted air hose (3/8") to connect to your air pump or outlet manifold. The diffuser is placed in the pond and is an efficient aeration diffuser that ..
Starting at: $119.94
OxyTex™ Pond Air Diffuser by Oase®
The OxyTex Air Diffuser, in combination with a air pump (such as OASE AquaOxy), disperses injected air even more finely for optimized gas exchange. In addition, the grass-like fiber structure provides a habitat for beneficial micro-organisms that improve filtration efficiency and contribute t..
Price: $171.35
Robust-Aire™ Aeration Systems from Kasco®
Robust-Aire™ diffused air systems provide deep water aeration for ponds and lakes. Diffused aeration is one of the most effective methods of aeration for ponds with depths greater than 10 feet. By using compressed air injected directly into the bottom of the pond, a continuous flow of water ..
Starting at: $1,890.75
Diffuser Disc - 9" EPDM Membrane Aeration Diffuser Disc
This 9" diffuser disc has a normal airflow range is 0–6 cfm. Equipped with 3/4" MNPT to insert into 3/4" FPT fittings or saddles.  Single disc or multiple discs can be used with linear air pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps or regenerative blowers. Ideal for many pond and lake or tank ae..
Price: $90.00
Koi Air™ Silent Air Pumps by Airmax®
These high efficiency low cost aeration pumps are ideal for water gardens and shallow ponds. With multiple sizes available there is sure to be an aeration pump to fit your pond aeration application. Whether you are replacing the pump in an existing aeration system or creating your own you can tru..
Starting at: $368.75
Pond Aerator Replacement Discs by Aquascape®
Self-weighted fine bubble diffusers are perfect to use with small air pumps for aeration in ponds and tanks. Provides better circulation and is more durable than a standard airstone ball. These are the same diffusers that come with the Pond Air 2 Model 75000 and the Pond Air 4 75001 from Aquascap..
Price: $13.74
AquaOxy 450™ Pond Aeration Kit by Oase®
Complete pond aeration kit, free shipping in Canada. This energy efficient kit can actually aerate up to 5,000 gallons but is ideal for smaller ponds from 500 to 2000 gallons. Includes air pump with two outlets, airstones and tubing. Safe 12 volt low voltage operation with transformer included. ..
Price: $264.44
Surface Aerators by Powerhouse®
The Power House, Inc. aerators are ideal for pond aeration, aquaculture and wastewater applications. They are lightweight, easy to install, simple to operate, and backed by a two-year warranty. Made in the USA. High oxygen transfer at an affordable price Water circulation with littl..
Starting at: $2,116.00
Air Stones - Diffuser Discs for Water Gardens & Small Ponds
These fine bubble airstone discs have foam feet to reduce vibration from compressors and are perfect for smaller koi ponds, aquariums and fish ponds. Also ideal for hydroponic growing stations as the micro-pore design energizes the hydroponic environment and promotes exceptional growth. The 4" ai..
Starting at: $17.19
ProAir™ Weighted Membrane Diffuser Assembly by Airmax®
ProAir™ Weighted Diffuser Assembly. Available in two sizes for small and large ponds, tanks, dugouts or anywhere that aeration and mixing is required. If you are building your own DIY aeration system these diffuser assemblies are ideal. Raised off the pond bottom the diffuser tubes release micro-..
Starting at: $259.94
Pond Aerator PRO 8" Aeration Discs by Aquascape®
Self-weighted fine bubble diffusers are perfect to use with small air pumps for aeration in ponds and tanks. Provides better circulation and is more durable than a standard airstone ball. These are the same diffusers that come with the Pond Aerator PRO 60 by Aquascape Model 61000.   ..
Price: $68.74
ProAir™ Large Pond Aeration Systems by Airmax®
Our most popular aeration systems for ponds over 8 feet deep, the Pond Series™ Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 4 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse Pond Series™ systems make aeration a breeze. The single diffuser PS10 sys..
Starting at: $2,917.50
Alumina Fine Bubble Airstone Diffusers
EasyPro Alumina Air Stones provide excellent aeration for Koi ponds and water gardens as well as in tanksat a fraction of the cost of other diffusers on the market today! These quality units are available in several sizes to fit your specific needs.“Alumina” airstones are three times stronger tha..
Starting at: $36.74
Pond Aerator PRO 60™ from Aquascape®
Aquascape professional-grade aeration system is designed to help improve water circulation and increase oxygen throughout the pond. The Pond Aerator PRO system can also be used during the winter months where the bubbles created at the surface will keep a small hole open in the ice for oxygenation..
Price: $382.89
Rubber Membrane Air Diffusers
EPDM fine bubble diffusers are an excellent choice for aeration in ponds and tanks. These EPDM diffusers are very durable and strong and very easy to clean. Available with 1/4" - 3/8" barbed hose inlets or 1/2" MPT. These aeration diffusers are not self weighting and must be secured or weigh..
Starting at: $37.89
Oase® Floating Fountains with Lights
Available in two sizes, the Floating Fountains with Lights from OASE are eco-friendly and environmentally smart, helping to improve the overall water quality while adding the sight and sound of delicate fountain aesthetics.The units are all-inclusive and come ready to connect as a complete set wi..
Starting at: $707.65
Small Airstones for Tanks, Aquariums and Small Ponds
These fine bubble airstones are perfect for smaller koi ponds, aquariums and fish ponds. Available in cylindrical grey or rectangular blue formats these airstones have a 3/16" barbed air inlet set into the body of each diffuser. Recommended airflow range is from 0.2 to 0.6 CFM (cubic feet per min..
Starting at: $4.60
Flexible Diffuser Tubes - Flexible Air Stones
These flexible fine bubble airstones are perfect for aquariums, tanks, hydroponics and smaller koi ponds, aquariums and fish ponds.Virtually unbreakable, easy to clean and extremely bendable these airstones have a 3/16" barbed air inlet set into the body of each diffuser. Recommended airflow rang..
Starting at: $16.04
Typhoon™ Small Aeration Kits by Atlantic®
Complete small aeration kits include pump, hose and diffusers. Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps feature indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors specifi cally designed for year-round usage. Ideal for aeration and circulation in warm weather, these aerators are especially dependable for d..
Starting at: $362.25
Rocking Piston Air Compressors by Sweetwater®
These oilless air compressors are ideal for aeration of ponds and dugouts and lakes. Their high pressure output allows them to aerate very deep ponds or dugouts. These low power-consuming pumps are our the recommended continuous-duty oil-free rocking piston air compressors, they are the highest p..
Starting at: $777.50
Typhoon™ Air Pumps by Atlantic®
Atlantic’s Typhoon Air Pumps feature indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressors specifically designed for year-round usage. Ideal for aeration and circulation in warm weather, these aerators are especially dependable for de-icing and gas exchange in freezing weather, unlike floating de..
Starting at: $339.25
Bubbler De-Icer Hose for Dock Bubblers
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Weighted 1/2" I.D. perforated tubing requires only 1 CFM per 100 feet (0.01 CFM per foot). Single runs of up to 200' can be used with even bubble flow. Flexible poly tubing has a lead-wire encapsulated in a separate poly bead  to act as..
Starting at: $400.00
Brookwood™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
Brookwood™ High output continuous-duty oil-free rocking piston air compressors by Aquatic Systems are an industry standard in clean air for pond and lake aeration. These are the replacement pumps that are the heart of Vertex Aeration Systems and can also be used as standalone compressors for a va..
Starting at: $914.25
Commercial Air Pumps by EcoPlus®
Convenient to operate without oil or much noise. Cylinders and pistons are made of excellent materials, making the pump strong, durable. There is very little wear after long periods of operation. Will meet many requirements of pumps with air dividers from four to twenty-two outlets. Widely used t..
Starting at: $248.50
Co-Active™ Diffuser Assembly by Aquatic Systems®
The Aquatic Systems Vertex™ synergistic diffuser assemblies have some of the smallest and finest bubbles available in any diffuser. Micro-bubble column creates incredible lifting rates which result in optimal oxygen transfer, mixing and overall aeration. These self-weighted diffuser assemblies fr..
Starting at: $380.00
Rebuild Kits for Brookwood™ Piston Air Compressors
These rebuild kits include cylinder cups and all seals required to rebuild the Brookwood compressors. COM401-MK Rebuild Kit (Fits 1/3 HP Brookwood built prior to 8/2013) COM404-MK Brookwood Rebuild Kit for 1/3 HP Brookwood 115v COM402-MK Brookwood Rebuild Kit 1/3 HP Brookwood 230v COM1..
Starting at: $196.50
Air Pumps by PondMaster® - AP-20 to AP-100
Economical, Continuous Duty Linear Diaphragm Compressors. Pondmaster™ series by Danner® are one of the most popular pond pump in Canada. Ideal for aerating ponds, water features, bait tanks or large aquariums, these high efficiency low cost aeration pumps are ideal for water gardens and shallow p..
Starting at: $268.75
Budget Pond & Lake Aeration Kits
Budget aeration packages for ponds up to 3 acres. Perfect for ponds over 10' deep. Aeration systems for large fish ponds, basins, and lakes. Inexpensive packages that include 7" airstones, air compressor and 100' airline, the large system has two 7" airstones and a splitter valve.. &nbs..
Starting at: $1,259.25
Container Water Garden Filter from Aquascape®
Ideal for all container water gardens holding up to 50 gallons of water.The Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter is a complete solution for small to medium-size container water gardens or any containers with stagnant or non-moving water including birdbaths, or water containers holding spec..
Price: $45.94
Large Pond & Lakes Aeration Systems from EasyPro®
Easy Pro™ pond and lake aeration systems provide highly efficient aeration for ponds and lakes from 1/4 acre to 4 acres in size. Using bottom-mounted diffuser assemblies with diffuser discs on raised weighted bases these systems provide maximum circulation in larger natural earth ponds or basins,..
Starting at: $2,054.00
Stratus™ Piston Air Compressors for Aeration
EasyPro is pleased to offer their own line Stratus™ line of rocking piston air compressors, each one designed specifically for the demanding job of 24 hour operation. They are ideal for pond aeration systems. The oil-less design safely aerates ponds with no electricity in the water. The shore mou..
Starting at: $868.25
25' Airline with Check Valve for Ponds & Aquariums by Aquascape®
Replacement, winter resistant airline with preassembled check valve for small diffusers and airstones.   25' long Check valve pre-installed in airline 3/16" inside diameter   ..
Price: $14.89
Air Manifolds - Plastic
These plastic air manifolds allow you to use a single air pump and send airflow to individual airstones. Great for small ponds, aquariums, aquaculture settings or for multiple tank aeration.   Barbed ends for tight fitting tubing 3/16" outlets on all manifolds 1/4" Inle..
Starting at: $4.54
Air Manifolds with Valves - Chrome
These high quality chrome air manifolds have individual valves on each air outlet allowing you to control the airflow to each individual airstone. Great for aquaculture settings or for multiple tank aeration.   The 4-Way Manifold has a 1/4" barbed air inlet The 6-Way and 8-Wa..
Starting at: $19.49
Surface Aerators by Kasco Marine®
Kasco pond aerators dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air for valuable gas exchange, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration. Typical applications include commercial aquaculture, agricultural ponds, industrial plants, municipal..
Starting at: $1,610.00
Dock Bubbler Systems Canada
Now available in Canada! These all-inclusive pond bubbler deicer packages are suitable for protecting docks, boathouses, seawalls, boat lifts and houseboats. Canadians live in some of the harshest conditions in the world but for decades have been having trouble to find the expertise regarding..
Starting at: $2,142.50
Sweetwater® Rotary Vane Compressors
These carbon rotary vane compressors are built by PentairAES® the leaders in aquatic production and education in North America. Their Sweetwater® motor-mounted, oilless rotary vane compressors are compact, easy-to-service and excellent for moderate-pressure, continuous-duty applications including..
Starting at: $1,144.25

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