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Oase® Pumps for Waterfalls & Ponds
The OASE® Waterfall Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective for use as waterfall and cascade pumps or for pumping to pressure filters or gravity-fed pond filters.  These submersed pumps are designed for continuos duty and can even be used to create small fountains and decorative wa..
Starting at: $219.76
Tidal Wave 2™ Hybrid Series Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ asynchronous pumps are the perfect choice for high flow, medium head applications where energy consumption is a factor. Efficient vortex impellers driven by asynchronous magnetic induction provide great hybrid performance, delivering direct drive output at magnetic drive efficiency. Co..
Starting at: $258.75
Tidal Wave 3 ™ TT-Series Pond Pumps
Atlantic’s all new TidalWave3 Pumps are the next generation of ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps, with more water moved per watt than ever before! Offering flows from 1500 to 9000 gallons per hour, these powerhouses are also remarkably compact to fit the tightest spaces, opening up a whole..
Starting at: $260.25
Tidal Wave™ MD™ Mag Pond Pumps from Atlantic®
Tidal Wave™ MD™ series are Magnetic Induction Pumps that are the perfect choice for the small water feature with low head heights. Flow rates from 370 gallons per hour to 2000 gallons per hour. Hefty and heavy-duty, equipped with removable prefilters, oversize ceramic shafts, replaceable impeller..
Starting at: $138.35
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TidalWave™ Fountain Pumps for Statuary and Small Water Features from Atlantic®
The adjustable flow rate of these pumps makes the FP series of Tidal Wave pumps a real winner. Easily control the flow of your pump to adjust for any size garden fountain, pond or container water feature. Atlantic’s Fountain Pumps offer everything you want in a small pump line, with large, sturdy..
Starting at: $64.34
AquaMax™ Eco Premium Pond Pumps by Oase®
AquaMax Eco Premium are the most versatile and energy-efficient pond pumps available. OASE took what made AquaMax great and made it better: Dual-suction, solids-handling, frost protection down to - 22 Celsius( -8°F), and intelligent pump protection from thermal overload, blockage and dry runnin..
Starting at: $488.75
ShinMaywa™ Waterfall Pumps
The ShinMaywa Norus submersible pump is one of the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's watergarden market. On the outside it has a unique hardware design made of fiberglass in addition to its cast aluminum bearing housing, which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integr..
Starting at: $599.25
Small Fountain Pumps from Aquascape®
Small pumps are perfect for table top fountains, spitters and stauary. Submersible fountain, waterfall and filter pump  Aquascape Statuary and Fountain Pumps are perfect for running smaller decorative fountains. These high quality, mag-drive or magnetically driven water pumps are ideal f..
Starting at: $34.44
Tidal Wave™ High Volume A-Series Pond Pumps
TidalWave™ A-Series are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These professionalgrade pumps are engineered for high volume applications and perform where most cannot. All models feature double silicon carbide mechanical seals, dual ..
Starting at: $1,247.50
Tidal Wave™ PAF Series pond pumps from Atlantic
TidalWave™ PAF-Series are lightweight, energy efficient and corrosion resistant, and pumps are now even more versatile, with a removable intake screen for conversion to true 1¼” solids handling capacity. Sharing the same high quality internal components as the A-Series, PAF pumps are perfect for ..
Starting at: $661.25
AquaSurge™ PRO Variable Speed Pond Pump with Remote Control from Aquascape®
Adjustable flow, submersible, solids-handling waterfall and filter pump. The AquaSurge® PRO asynchronous solids-handling waterfall and filter pump accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, flow and ease of maintenance make this pump ..
Starting at: $649.84
Pondmaster™ Mag Drive Pond Pumps from Danner®
The Pondmaster Mag Drive pump is a magnetically-driven, submersible pump. This unique energy-efficient design uses only one moving part - a ceramic/magnetic impeller. Installation in larger ponds are a breeze, connect and plug in to power! Perfect for Fountains & Ponds, Freshwater & Saltw..
Starting at: $166.69
Aquarius™ Universal Pumps for Statuary, Fountains and Small Ponds by Oase®
The new Aquarius™ Universal, formerly known as Neptun™, statuary pumps can be used for bubbling stones, statuary and decorative fountains of any type. Advanced features include a removable screen for easy maintenance, easy flow rate adjustment via built-in regulator, in-line/dry capability and th..
Starting at: $54.69
Pondmaster® Pro Line Hy-Drive™ Hybrid Pond Pumps from Danner®
The Pondmaster® H-Drive Mag Drive pumps are efficient Hybrid Magnetic Induction motors with Asynchronous vortical impellers. Can be used inline out of the pond or submersed. Pondmaster ProLine Submersible / Inline Hy-Drive Pumps contain both magnetic and direct-drive technologies which is energy ..
Starting at: $389.79
Small Fountain, Spitter & Statuary Pumps from Sicce®
Small and quiet pumps for statuary fountains, table top fountains, indoor water features or small water gardens. The Syncra Silent pump line by Sicce is an excellent collection of pumps with a wide range of sizes and power, and the ability to pump water through the smallest tabletop fountain or i..
Starting at: $54.05
Small Pond Pumps by Oase®
The OASE® Small Pond Pumps are extremely quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient water movement in multiple pond zones.  Adjustable flow controls enable flexibility over the flow rate, creating the perfect amount of aeration. These submersed pumps are designed for continuos duty ..
Starting at: $119.96
Syncra HF (High-Flow) Pond Pumps from Sicce®
The WET & DRY application permits all the SYNCRA range to be utilized completely submersed or outside of the water. Can be connected to any rigid or flexible tubing. Double use positioning: horizontal and vertical to allow many applications and..
Price: $615.25
Syncra Pond™ Multi-Nozzle Fountain Kit by Sicce®
Fountain nozzles included. Pond pump with multiple fountain heads ideal for small ponds. Create an inexpensive pond display! The SyncraPond™ series of pond fountains is a filter-pump ideal for small water gardens and small outdoor ponds. Create lovely fountain displays in your smal..
Starting at: $129.50
AquaSurge™ Pond Pumps from Aquascape®
AquaSurge® second-generation asynchronous skimmer and waterfall and filter pumps accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, and flow and ease of maintenance, make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. AquaSurge® p..
Starting at: $454.25
Tsurumi™ Submersible, Semi-Vortex, Water Feature Pumps from Aquascape®
Tsurumi™ pumps are made to commercial standards in Japan and are distributed in North America as part of the Aquascape PRO series and they set the standard when it comes to pumps. They are world-renowned for their quality, dependability and performance. Tsurumi's engineers have designed our ..
Starting at: $810.75
Ultra™ submersible fountain, waterfall and filter pump from Aquascape®
Ultra™ Pumps are the complete solution for small ponds, fountains and water features. This all-in-one kit includes a three-way diverter valve and multi-size hose connection making it adaptable to almost any hose or tubing size. Ultra™ Pumps are ideal for supplying water to run fountains, water fe..
Starting at: $133.34
Neptun™ Pro Pond Pumps by Oase®
The ideal pump for statuary and decorative fountains to bring the enchantment of splashing water into indoor and outdoor areas. Neptun™ Pro Series pumps offer a lot of performance in compact dimensions. Neptun™ Pro Pump Features   Low-level suction and low noise Long ser..
Starting at: $534.44
AquaForce™ Pond Pumps from Aquascape®
AquaForce® second-generation asynchronous solids-handling waterfall and filter pumps accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, flow and ease of maintenance make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. The AquaForce..
Starting at: $293.25
AquaForce™ PRO Variable Speed Pond Pump with Remote Control from Aquascape®
Adjustable flow, submersible, solids-handling waterfall and filter pump (adjustable from 4000 to 8000 GPH) The AquaForce® PRO asynchronous solids-handling waterfall and filter pump accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, flow ..
Price: $879.75
LifeGard® External Waterfall Pond Pumps
The WaterFall™ pump is custom designed for the specific demands of waterfalls and other special water features. Our diffuser and impeller combination is engineered to deliver quieter operation in high flow and low pressure applications. That's why it’s the pump most recommended by water feature m..
Starting at: $1,398.34
Little Giant® External Pond Pumps
The Little Giant Professional Series of pumps produce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption. The dollars saved from reduced operating costs can pay for the pump in a matter of months. The Professional Series are end suction centrifugal pumps, designed to be located on the p..
Starting at: $835.50
Pondmaster® Pond Pumps with Filter System for Small Ponds & Water Gardens
Pond filtering made easy! The Pondmaster series of pond pump and filter kits give you all you need for small ponds and water gardens. The pump can be used to create a small waterfall or cascade as well as a fountain. The pump and filter sit in the pond making it an easy addition to existing water..
Starting at: $229.94
High Volume Waterfall and Stream Pump 17500 GPH by EasyPro®
The first choice for water features that need high water flow for “Low to Medium Head” applications, this pump is rugged and affordable and perfect for commercial applications or larger water features. Use 3” supply line to achieve maximum flow potentials. Features   3" outlet..
Price: $2,465.54
Oase® Floating Fountains with Lights
Available in two sizes, the Floating Fountains with Lights from OASE are eco-friendly and environmentally smart, helping to improve the overall water quality while adding the sight and sound of delicate fountain aesthetics.The units are all-inclusive and come ready to connect as a complete set wi..
Starting at: $707.65
ProfiNaut™ Professional Water Feature Pump by Oase®
An excellent pump for producing impressive water display in demanding applications. The OASE Profinaut 6000 is the ideal pump for powering larger fountains and decrative water features. The sturdy stainless steel impeller construction and 3-year warranty make it the perfect fit for the most deman..
Price: $1,834.83
AquaMax™ Eco Classic Pond Pumps by Oase®
Ideal for waterfalls, cascaceds or with external pond filters.  AquaMax™ Eco Classicfilter and watercourse pumps use time-proven asynchronous motor technology to deliver an exceptional service-life and low operating cost. In most applications, filter pumps run 24 hours a day circulating wate..
Starting at: $312.75
Solid Answer™ Pond Pumps from Leader®
Leader Submersible pumps have set a new standard in pump technology with environmentally friendly oil-less motors, capacitor start for instant torque and double ball bearings for high efficiency and quiet operation. Designed for ponds and fountains. Environmentally safe high quality pump for..
Starting at: $339.35
EcoSub 410™ Pond Pump from Leader®
The Eco Sub 410 is safe, reliable and high quality submersible pumps useful for drainage,flood prevention, waterfall, and irrigation. Manufactured with non-corrosive and rust proof metals No screws to corrode or vibrate loose Energy efficient motor with built in overload prote..
Price: $252.94
ProfiMax™ Professional Solids Handling Pump by Oase®
ProfiMax™ is ideal for larger installations that demand high flow rates and in which the pump might be exposed to high amounts of debris (Koi ponds, outdoor water features). The stainless steel strainer and impeller are built tough and designed to withstand virtually any conditions found in a bac..
Price: $1,784.83
Syncra DW (Dirty Water)  Pond Pumps from Sicce®
The new Syncra DW line is a complete range of multi-purpouse pond and utility pumps. Syncra DW are solid pumps that find their natural application in the creation of waterfalls and streams and when used in combination with any pond filtration system : external pressurized filters, sterilizing UVC..
Starting at: $212.75
Tidal Wave™ Solids Handling SH Series pond pumps from Atlantic®
Atlantic® Tidal Wave SH have a solids handling capacity up to 1.25" meaning they are great for use in dirty water. Use for pumps, waterfalls or anywhere continuous duty pumping is required. Non-corrosive, oil-free design  Solids handling Vortex impeller Ide..
Starting at: $309.35
Variable Speed Pond Pump Controller by Atlantic®
The TidalWave VSC (variable Speed Controller) allows you to vary the output of TidalWave TT & TW-Series Asynchronous pumps wirelessly by remote control or with the iPhone mobile app! The VSC allows you to set both on and off times as well as drop to 25% of the total flow, in 10 levels of adju..
Price: $219.50
AquaJet™ Pond Fountain Pump from Aquascape®
This all-in-one kit provides a stunning water fountain with the choice of three included fountain heads. The integrated diverter valve supplies water to a small waterfall or ornament. Simple to use, the AquaJet™ Pump and Water Fountain Kit provides a complete solution for small to medium-sized po..
Starting at: $287.50
Proeco™ SP Pond Pumps
The SP Series pumps by ProEco are perfectly suited for all waterfall, stream and fountain applications. The Split Tube hybrid motor design makes these pumps an ideal blend of performance and efficiency. These pumps also utilize asynchronous technology, which means that they are electronically con..
Starting at: $282.84
Pump Shut Off Float Toggle Switch
This simple shut-off switch will prevent damage to pump motors by automatically shutting off the pond pump if the water level drops too low. Great for use in ponds with skimmers, roughs, water gardens or in tanks. Your pump simply plugs into the shut-off switch cord. If the water ever drops below..
Starting at: $90.85
Diaphragm-Style Piggyback Pump Shut Off Toggle Switches
These diaphragm style switches are ideal for use in tight spaces where there is no room for the "tether style" floating shut-off switch. The provide protection from damage to pumps from low water conditions. Diaphragm-Style Shut-Off Switch Features    Protect pump from dama..
Starting at: $140.24
High-volume Tidal Wave™ pumps:   L-Series from Atlantic®
TidalWave™  L-Series Pumps are manufactured from stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These professional grade pumps are engineered for high volume / low head applications and perform where most cannot. All models feature double silicon carbide mechanical se..
Starting at: $1,449.00
High Capacity Pressurized Filters & Filter Kits for Ponds by ProEco®
The HCF Series filters combine both biological and mechanical filtration into one compact package. All filters include our Eco Media which is designed with a very high surface area, which propagates large quantities of beneficial bacteria. The Easy-Clean feature of this filter makes maintenance a..
Starting at: $1,144.25
BVP™ Dirty Water Solids Handling Pond Pumps from Leader®
Heavy duty submersible pump for dirty water containing particles. Capable of handling solids up to 1-1/2. Environmentally-friendly, oil-less motor with capacitor start for instant torque and double ball bearings for high efficiency and quiet operation. Ceramic shaft sleeve and triple seals provid..
Starting at: $754.50
Heavy Duty Pump Screens
These are not cheap pump bags but heavy duty, rugged and resistant. Submersible pump screens keep debris or fish or aquatic creatures from entering your pond pump and causing damage to the pump or hurting themselves. Use these heavy duty intake screens with any submersible pump when pumping water..
Starting at: $189.75

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