Fish Care

Fish Care

Fish health is very important in your pond. Not only does the ecosystem have to work but the type of food, the time of year and the temperature play a role. Our line of high quality fish food can help feed any time and at any temperature. Ideal for goldfish and prized koi fish.

When it comes to food, we have you fed! From cold water blends idea for fish ponds in Canada to blends that help enhance the colors of the fish. Take care of your living jewels with fish food in Canada from Atlantic Pond Supply.


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Variety Mix™ Full Spectrum Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift®
The Variety Mix™ fish food is a high quality food and a great way to feed a blend of fruits, greens, carbohydrates, protein, wheat germ and vitamins to your fish. This food is a combination of Summer Staple with fruits and greens, Summer Staple Growth & Energy and Summer Staple with Montmoril..
Starting at: $24.44
Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment™ from Microbe-Lift® - 16oz
Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment™ from Microbe-Lift® is the safest and most effective treatment for the control of diseases caused by Ichthyophithirius (Ich), Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium and fungal infections. For small fish ponds in Canada we recommend this treatment for goldfish ..
Price: $26.50
PL™ Beneficial Pond Bacteria Microbe-Lift
Microbe-lift PL™ provides sustained biological activity in water temperatures even under 55 degrees. It helps to reduce ammonia and nitrogen levels and reduces organic waste build up. PL will seed and maintain biological filters and will improve dissolved oxygen levels. It digests organic sludge,..
Starting at: $33.25
Knockout™ Ick Control by Crystal Clear®
Knockout™ Ick Control by Crystal Clear®is a broad spectrum treatment for Ick (Ichthyophthirius), Flukes and Fungus. Will effectively remove Ick, Bacteria and Fungi from most fish species. Format: 8 Ounce Bottles - 8 ounces treats up to 2,400 gallons. Directions For Use 2 Teaspoon..
Price: $22.94
Staple™ summertime fish food for koi and pond fish by CrystalClear®
CrystalClear® Staple floating fish food contains a balanced nutritional formula for all pond fish. This balanced blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are perfect for everyday feeding during the warmer months. CrystalClear® contains a minimum of 32% protein. Balanced Nutrition for Summe..
Starting at: $34.77
Cold Weather™ Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift®
Feed your pond fish Microbe-Lift Legacy™ Cold Weather Fish Food during the colder weather periods of spring, fall and winter when nighttime temperatures can go below 12°C (55°F). When pond temperatures drop, your fish require a highly digestible cool-water diet, making this an ideal winter fish f..
Starting at: $22.44
Premium Fish Food Flakes by Aquascape®
Flake food ideal for all pond fish. Keeps pond water clean and clear. Includes stabilized multivitamin. Will not break apart and cloud water. Contains high quality protein. Will promote brilliant colors on all pond fish. Aquascape Premium Flake Fish Food has been scientifically formulated to..
Starting at: $26.39
Growth & Energy™ fish food by Microbe-Lift®
High Growth & Energy Legacy Fish Food This high quality food is great for late spring feeding when fish need to replenish fat reserves and is also great in early fall to help them bulk up. When warmer water temperatures arrive, koi & goldfish need a boost of protein for growth sinc..
Starting at: $25.44
IonGen™ 2nd Generation Ionizer by Aquascape®
The IonGen™ second-generation electronic water clarifier for ponds, pondless waterfalls and other decorative water features drastically reduces maintenance and provides crystal clear water without the use of chemicals. A microprocessor inside the IonGen releases ions from a scientifically blended..
Price: $488.75
Knockout PLUS™ Broad Spectrum Combo Fish Treatment by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® KnockOut™ PLUS is widely used by pond and aquarium hobbyists and professional as a broad spectrum treatment working on parasites, bacteria and fungus. CrystalClear® KnockOut™ PLUS is formulated to work with all pond fish especially koi and goldfish. When used in accordance with the ..
Price: $24.54
Summer Staple™ Color Enhancing Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift®
Summer Staple™  Fish Food This high quality food has animal protein and color enhancements that are needed through the season. The color enhancers are made of up crab shell, spirulina and krill-all. When warmer water temperatures begin increasing the frequency & quantity of your feed..
Starting at: $24.44
TheraP™ Beneficial Bacteria for Fish Ponds from Microbe-Lift®
Microbe-Lift TheraP™ - Specially Formulated Beneficial Bacteria to Promote Fish Health. Provides a natural pond eco-system, resulting in better overall fish health and improved water quality for use with all ornamental, coldwater, temperate, cyprinids, native and wild species.   M..
Starting at: $49.50
Wheat Germ™ cold climate  fish food for koi and pond fish by CrystalClear®
CrystalClear® WheatGerm floating fish food is designed for the cooler months of the year. This wheat germ formula is easily digestible and perfect for transitioning koi and goldfish into and out of the colder months. CrystalClear® WheatGerm contains a minimum of 28% protein. Balanced Nutritio..
Starting at: $44.77
Big Bites™ Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift - 40 lb Bulk Bag
When Your Bigger Fish Deserve the Very Best! For big fish these big bites come in a big bag! 40lbs of Big Bite Summer Staple fish food in a extra large pellet format. Summer Staple floating pellets in a larger pellet size (0.7-1.1 cm) for feeding your larger Koi has the animal protein and col..
Price: $321.94
Koi Krunchies™ treats for koi and goldfish by Aquascape®
Dogs and cats love to have a little treat now and then so why not your koi and goldfish? Koi Krunchies are the perfect treat for your finned friends! Made with natural citrus flavors, Aquascape Koi Krunchies are a wonderful addition to your fish's regular diet. Koi Krunchies are ideal for hand fe..
Price: $28.69
Parazoryne Herbal Fish Treatment from Microbe-Lift®
Parazoryne Parazoryne is a unique herbal preparation which helps support fish recovering from skin flukes (Gyrodactylus), gill flukes (Dactylogyrus), ich (Ichthyophthirius multifillis), Oodinium, Costia (Ichtyobodo necator), Chilodonella and Trichodina. Parasitic infestations are characteriz..
Starting at: $44.95
Pond Nets by Aquascape®
These sturdy telescopic skimmer/cleaning nets and pond fish nets are perfect for the delicate handling of prized fish as well as surface skimming and debris removal. We offer 9 specific pond nets to fit the job you need to do from regular mucking out of debris or gently handling your fish. P..
Starting at: $29.88
Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets by Aquascape®
Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets have been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi at colder water temperatures. The inclusion of Spirulina and Wheat Germ helps make the food easier to digest at colder temperatures. Bacillus..
Starting at: $28.69
Premium Staple Floating Fish Food Pellets by Aquascape®
Aquascape Premium Staple Fish Food Pellets have been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi. The 1.2 pound and 2.3 pound bags contain medium pellets and are best for smaller goldfish and koi. The 4.6 pounds, 22 pounds and 44 pound supply..
Starting at: $22.94
Sabbactisun Herbal Fish Treatment from Microbe-Lift®
Sabbactisun Sabbactisun is a unique herbal preparation which helps support fish recovering from bacterial infections, with symptoms such as fin and tail rot, ulcers, bulging eyes (exophthalmia), milky skin, raised scales, mouth rot/fungus and dropsy (ascites). Sabbactisun supports the natural..
Starting at: $44.95
Color Enhancing Fish Food by Aquascape®
Aquascape Premium Color Enhancing Fish Food Pellets have been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi. The inclusion of Spirulina, Krill meal, and Astaxanthin helps to promote brilliant fish color. Ideal for large fish 8 inches, (20 cm.) ..
Starting at: $22.94
Wipeout™ Bacterial Control of Infections, Finrot & Ulcers by Crystal Clear®
Wipeout™ Bacterial Control by Crystal Clear® is excellent for treating fish gill diseases such as Fin Rot and Ulcers in pond fish.WipeOut Bacterial Treatment is excellent for controlling gill diseases in pond and aquarium fish. Bacterial diseases generally result from fish stress due to adverse w..
Price: $21.24
Mini Pellet™ Koi & Goldfish Food from Microbe-Lift - 40 lb Bulk Bag
When Your Small and Baby Fish Deserve the Very Best! For small and baby fish up to 4 inches long, these mini bites come in a big bag! 40lbs of Mini Pellet Summer Staple fish food in a extrasmall pellet format. Summer Staple floating pellets i has the animal protein and color enhancers that ar..
Price: $254.94
Nualgi Ponds™ Natural Pond Treatment
Nualgi Ponds™ is a patented liquid formulation for ponds now available in Canada. It is a safe and natural treatment for ponds that helps grow beneficial diatoms in the water and these friendly diatoms compete against the nuisance algae for nutrients. Diatoms are single-celled alga that has ..
Starting at: $34.15
ParaSalt™ Pond Salt by Crystal Clear®
CrystalClear® ParaSalt™ is formulated to increase koi and goldfish electrolytic intake. Electrolytes are critical in building and maintaining a healthy slime coat. Electrolytes such as potassium are essential in wound repair and in times of heavy stress (ie – during water changes or clean-outs). ..
Starting at: $14.64
PraziPond Plus™ Praziquantel (“Prazi”) Powder - 10 Grams
PraziPond Plus Praziquantel (“Prazi”) is the preeminent treatment for flukes. ‘Prazi’ is by far the most gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes available to our hobby. The real bonus with ‘Prazi’ is that when you treat for flukes it also rids the fish of any internal parasites or worms. ‘..
Price: $60.88
Premium Fine Mesh (3/8" or 3/4") Pond Covers CUSTOM CUTS - Pond Nets from EasyPro®
This premium fine mesh pond netting comes in two mesh sizes: 3/8" or 3/4". The small 3/8" mesh are the smallest fish netting covers available. Pond net keeps autumn leaves out of the pond as well as pine needles or other windblown debris from entering your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty UV-resis..
Starting at: $3.16
Triton™ Ionizer 2 Pond Clarifier
Atlantic is pleased to introduce the new Triton™ Ionizer 2 to control string algae and green water in water gardens, fish ponds and pond free ponds. This low voltage water management system electronically introduces microscopic ions of copper, silver and zinc into the water which control organic ..
Price: $439.94
KoiZyme™  from Koi Care Kennel®
CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occurring bacteria, enzymes and micro nutrients. When KoiZyme is introduced into pond water that is infected with Aeromonas, Pseudomonas or any gram negative or gram positive bacteria, the bacteria and enzymes in KoiZyme com..
Starting at: $45.94
Automatic Dosing Systems for Ponds & Fountains by Aquascape®
Adding pond bacteria and water treatments in ponds and water features requires regular scheduled applications for best results. A busy summer schedule and vacation time away from home can mean that treatments are forgotten or not applied at the right time. This automated doseing system delivers t..
Price: $191.95
pH Guard™  pH Buffer & Stabilizer from Crystal Clear®
When used as directed, CrystalClear® pHGuard™ will stabilize pond water pH and maintain buffering capacity as safe levels between 80-240 ppm. CrystalClear® pHGuard™ will help prevent wide pH swings which are typical from morning to night. CrystalClear® pHGuard™ makes pond water safe for fish and ..
Price: $28.69
pHusion™  pH Reducer with Electrolytes from Crystal Clear®
Quickly & Safely Lowers pH Increases Fish Electrolytic Uptake Safe For All Aquatic & Domestic Animals pHusion® fuses pH lowering qualities with natural electrolytic supplements to safely lower pH levels in pond water at no more than 0.2 points per application. pHusio..
Starting at: $42.49
Pond Salt by Aquascape®
Aquascape Pond Salt helps reduce the effects of elevated nitrite levels toxic to pond fish. Aquascape Pond Salt helps restore natural electrolytes allowing proper gill function when pond fish are under stress. Also helps repair and promote a natural slime coat necessary for disease prevention. ..
Starting at: $27.94
Submersible UV Clarifier by PondMaster®
The submersible UV Clarifier from Pondmaster® allows pond owners to add ultra-violet filtration into any sized pond with ease. Because it actually sits in the pond and is completely submersible you won't need to install any extra exterior mechanisms and only need to add some tubing from your pump..
Starting at: $378.35
Legacy™ Koi & Goldfish Food
Four unique fish food blends for all seasons and all conditions. Chose from a high growth and energy formula, a cold water formula, a summer time formula and a variety mix. Microbe-Lift®  has created the ideal mixtures for koi and goldfish. Four Legacy™ Varieties Available Su..
Starting at: $34.44
Pond Salt Crystals from Microbe-Lift®
Pond salt helps reduce fish stree and reduces the threat of parasitic disease in pond water. Pond salt crystals are specially formulated for ponds and fish ponds and contain no additives and are nitrate and phosphate free. Improve health and vitaility of aquatic plants.   Will help ..
Starting at: $28.69
Calcium Montmorillonite Koi Clay by Microbe-Lift®
It is said the secret to healthy, colorful, Japanese koi is the clay mud in which they are raised. MICROBE-LIFT/Calcium Montmorillonite Clay comes from one of the highest calcium clay deposits in the world. Calcium based clay may help your pond water to produce some of the healthiest and deep col..
Starting at: $46.25
PreForm-C™ Ich Treatment from Koi Care Kennel®
ProForm-C™ is a concentrated formulation of formalin and malachite green. It is based upon the famous Leteux-Meyer formulation, published in 1973, for treating ichthyphthiriasis ("ich") on scaleless catfishes. Leteux and Meyer found that the formulation they developed was not only more effective ..
Starting at: $87.64
5 in 1 Pond Water Test Strips by Microbe-Lift®
Test five important pond water parameters with one test strip! These easy to read test strips measure pH, nitrite, nitrate, alkalinity & hardness of pond water. Just swirl in the water and read the color coded strips to find copper levels, pH and alkalinity. Contains 50 test strips. Me..
Price: $41.34
Ammonia Neutralizer PRO by Aquascape®
Ammonia Neutralizer pro is a 25% more concentrated version of the standard Ammonia Neutralizer offered by Aquascapes. The PRO version detoxifies chloramine in tap waters and instanly neutralizes toxic ammonia to protect your fish and plants. Sold in 1 Gallon Jugs.   Liquid formula Ammo..
Price: $149.33
Nite Out II® for Decreasing Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity - 32 ounces
Specially Formulated for Rapid Ammonia and Nitrite Reduction.  Decreases Ammonia & Nitrite Toxicity. For SALT & FRESH WATER Contains: Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobactor New Tanks: Add 1 cup (8 ounces) per 500 gallons, every other day, until Ammonia level is acceptable...
Starting at: $42.49
Koi Spawning Brushes & Spawning Ropes for Koi
An ideal medium for koi and carp spawning. This is a safe and soft brush that has soft and supplebristles that will not harm fish eggs yet are sturdy enough to allow the koi eggs to adhere and grow in a safe environment. These fish spawning brushes, also called spawning ropes, are made from a sof..
Price: $138.25
Large Fish Net for Koi, Goldfish and Pond Skimmer Nets by Pondmaster®
Telescopic skimmer nets and fish nets are perfect for the delicate handling of prized fish as well as surface skimming and debris removal. Handle extends from 40" to 78".   Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction Soft, Fish-Safe Nylon Netting Sure-Grip Handle Telescoping..
Starting at: $80.44
Pond Test Kit by Mars Fishcare®
This is a complete kit for testing pond water. Tests include pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphate. Kit contains instruction book, improved color cards for easy reading, 4 test tubes, holding tray and enough reagents for up to 800 tests. Currently out of stock. ..
Price: $70.09
Ultrasonic Pest Control
OUT OF STOCK Safe, easy way to keep unwanted pests away from your pond or bird feeders or garden! Ultrasonic frequencies cannot be heard by humans but are extremely loud to cats, racoons and other pests that like to raid ponds, gardens and areas near bird feeders. A great wa..
Price: $160.94
Alligator Decoy
It's not often you will see an alligator in a pond in Canada! This floating decoy adds a bit of whimsey while scaring off would be pests and predators who will certainly think twice about swooping down to grab your koi fish when they see the sharp teeth of this floating, sectional aligator. ..
Price: $74.75
KH™ Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster from Microbe-Lift®
Microbe-Lift's new product, KH Bio-Active Booster, solves the problem of low alkalinity, which can lead to pH "crash." KH Bio-Active Booster is a great product for maintaining proper alkalinity. Use for: Tap Water    Tank Water Change Water When pond c..
Starting at: $29.84
Collapsible Fish Pond Net by Aquascape®
The Aquascape Collapsible Fish Net’s tangle-free course mesh allows it to quickly glide through pond water making it the ideal fish net. The quick-latch telescoping handle extends from 20’’ to 40’’, and the push button activated collapsing net completely folds down for compact storage and shippin..
Price: $46.80
Collapsible Skimmer Net by Aquascape®
The 17" wide fine, tangle free skimmer net catches even the smallest debris, making it ideal for quick and easy removal of leaves and other debris. The quick-latch, telescoping handle extends to 35" and completely folds down for compact storage. Features:  Size: 35" handle, 17" x..
Price: $46.80
Floating Pond & Pool Thermometer
High-quality pond, pool and spa thermometers help deliver accurate temperature readings for greater enjoyment of recreational water. Pool thermometers also provide crucial information about the performance of pool heating systems and in ponds they are great for knowing when to slow down feeding ..
Price: $23.00
Pond Detoxifier™ from Aquascape®
Aquascape Pond Detoxifier makes tap water into pond water. Because tap water including well water often contains chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals, that if left untreated can cause damage to the pond ecosystem. Aquascape Pond Detoxifier eliminates chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and chelates ..
Starting at: $30.99
Alkalinity KH/pH Booster by Aquascape®
Alkalinity Booster with Phosphate Binder Increases Overall KH/pH and Alkalinity Lab tested and pharmaceutical grade Dissolves completely and easily in pond water Phosphate and ammonia free 1.1 lbs - Treats 104,000 gallons - Aquascape Product Number: 96027 7 lbs - T..
Starting at: $34.44

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